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Here we are!

One day this young kid, maybe ten years old, was going to check his favorite place near his home in his hometown called Canoas in Brazil.

A place of adventure and mystique...a grove of eucalyptus trees and other bushes filled with all kinds of birds..big and small and a little pond. Yes that's me! The kid with dreaming eyes... Back to the story... He was there contemplating nature at its glory that morning...lost in his dreams and wonders...

Suddenly he hears a loud warning came from a Quero-Quero (Vanellus chilensis ) a Southern Lapwing! It wanted to warn all birds there that he was coming in and wanted to let them know who the boss was!  

All birds, I mean ALL birds became quiet and landed on whatever they could find nearby and there was no more sounds except the wind blowing gently that morning.

The southern lapwing flew around the pond two times descending slowly to his chosen bush. For a few minutes only the sound of wind could be heard...and slowly the birds started to fly again and quietly they started to sound their voices!

The kid was mesmerized! He was hooked in nature!!! Years later he saw some paintings of his uncle Wilson Velasco showcasing the beauty of landscapes around his hometown, and I, the kid, was again in awe of his creations thinking to myself...he could even paint the shadows of the trees...great colors for everyone to enjoy!

The kid grew older and I left Brazil to America!!! California has been a great playground for my eyes and dreams and wonders and life! Here I discovered that art and nature are connected and alive! Here I decided to immerse myself in photography...and the more I photograph life around me the more I discover that I love art...and here I am!

I love nature! I love God! I love kids! I love California! I love San Francisco! 

I love photography!  I love art!

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